Join With
My Healing Chef
to Help Feed Our Front Line

For $10 you can buy a healthy meal for the doctors and nurses fighting the Corona virus and My Healing Chef will donate 1 bowl for every 4 purchased.

Our doctors and nurses on the front line, trying to save as many lives as possible while risking infection themselves . We admire them and thank them for their courage.

I would love to feed them all, but as a small-businesswoman that’s not possible.

However, with your help, we can supply meals to some of those working the ICU, Respiratory Care unit and the two floors treating COVID-19 cases at the Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center.

Please, reach out and purchase a meal for our brave defenders.

BeneFIT bowls are 24 ounce fresh and healthy food bowls with no preservatives and packed with tasty and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  They are gluten free, high in protein and fiber, include fresh vegetables and have flavorful sauces. The provide the nutrients to sustain our heroes through their long and stressful shifts.

For every four beneFIT Bowls purchased from this page, I will prepare and deliver a fifth bowl to the Kaiser staff.